agentExPNGProject aim. To understand how groups of resource users, like fishers and farmers, cooperate and use the resource using agent-based modelling. In particular, we connect to the observations of this behaviour in lab and field experiments and zoom in on the individual in such groups, what underlying motivations, individual differences may explain this behaviour. Theorising about what goes on inside humans, something that is almost impossible to measure or experiment with (for both ethical and feasibility reasons).
Approach. Combining agent-based modelling and behavioural experiments. Collaboration among different and complementing expertise in natural resource management, common pool dilemmas, complex adaptive systems, systems science, sustainability science, behavioural economics, psychology, cognitive science, experiments and modelling.
Why? We all depend on water and food, so-called resources. However they are often not infinitely available to us humans. To avoid the over-use of resources and thus maintain resources for now and the future, we need to take others and the resource into account. Often there are agreements among users (or rules imposed by governments) to avoid overuse. However people do not alway stick to the agreements, they do not always understand the dynamics of the resource. To support management for sustainable behaviour, we need to understand how behaviour is affected by others, one’s own knowledge, confidence and state.

Keywords. Natural resource management | common pool dilemmas | cooperation.

More info. paper, agentEx software on openABM .